About the Lodge

The front foyer shows off a graceful red oak stairway. An antique stained glass window lights up above an oriental blue and gold vase on a pedestal. The living room is sunny and finishes are in understated neutrals. Curio cabinets are filled with Hummels and other beautiful porcelains.

A formal dining room, which can be closed off by a pocket door, has an antique oval table which sets twenty people comfortably. One end of the room has a beautiful bay window and a fireplace giving warmth on the opposite side. A carnival glass punch bowl set and other antique dishes set off this room.

In the back of the home is a large family room with western decor, which is dominated by a grand brick fireplace and tall windows. A breathtaking view with a lake, shady lawn and fields of horses, bison, and a llama can be enjoyed. Off this area, there is a big deck with seating for many to adorn. The family room is enriched by works of art from the Boren Western Art Collection and deep red carpet competes the room. The family room includes bookcases filled with a collection of mystery books, which LaRita loved to read. Also, an eating area is between the family room and kitchen providing the perfect opportunity for casual dining and conversation.