History of LaRita Boren & LaRita’s Lodge

Indiana Bed and Breakfast, Upland Indiana History, LaRita BorenLeLaLo Farm, where Leland and LaRita Boren raised their family, is full of wonderful memories. The farm was named after the first three members of the family: Leland, LaRita, and Lori. A unique feature of the farm is its pink barns. LaRita grew up in Oklahoma where the setting sun reflected off the red soil causing the barns to take on a pinkish glow, thus the barns at the farm were painted pink.

The Borens were always ready for entertaining. LaRita had the gift of hospitality and was known for her ability to make people from all over the world feel welcome and cared about. After she and her husband built a new home, LaRita had a dream of transforming the farmhouse into a bed and breakfast to continue the love and hospitality tradition.

LaRita was a philanthropist, passionate about education. She served on the Board of Trustees at Taylor University for more than 30 years. She was a great supporter and encourager to many young people.

Sadly, she passed away unexpectedly in February 2011, before her dream was realized. In her honor, this home became “LaRita’s Lodge”.