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1. Introduction

Applied Chemistry, a key specialty in Jiangsu Province, is one of the earliest established bachelor’s degrees in science in Jiangnan University for the construction of multi-disciplinary comprehensive university. The major was founded in 2000 based on many years of education of master’s degree in Applied Chemistry which renamed from Organic Synthesis in 1990. Applied Chemistry began to recruit undergraduates in 2002. It has been authorized to award doctor’s degree and bachelor’s degree of the second level in Applied Chemistry in 2005 and 2006, respectively. In the ESI global university disciplines ranking of USA, Chemistry supported by this major has achieved the top 1%.

Applied Chemistry carries out threecharacteristic major orientation including Surface Chemistry, Cosmetic Science and Perfume Chemistry, which are independently selected byundergraduates according to their interests. All of characteristic major orientation not only follow traditional advantages and features of our school in colloid and interface chemistry, surfactant and cosmetics but also combine scientific research development. The undergraduates of Applied Chemistry are requested to become high quality specialized talents that have a solid basic theory and excellent skills in surfactant chemistry,cosmetics and personal care products and perfume chemistry, engage in scientific research, product development, product application or management.

The dedicated faculty team of Applied Chemistry is reasonable and consists of 34 members including 10 professors (7 doctoral tutors) and 15 associate professors. In the team 32 teachers have got doctor’s degree and 18 teachers have got overseas background. Moreover, there are two of New Century Excellent Talents in University of Ministry of Education, one of Leading Teachers of Ministry of Education, 7 elites of Talents Training Project containing 333 Project and Six Talent Peaks in Jiangsu Province. Besides four basic chemistry laboratories, Applied Chemistry has set up applied chemistry laboratory and flavoring studio to provide hardware security for talent cultivation.

Applied Chemistry focuses on teaching work. It is guided by the cultivating objectives and requirements and adheres to the principles of combination of theory and practice teaching and mutual promotion of teaching and scientific research. Meanwhile, it continuously explores advanced concept of teaching, carries out teaching reform and promotes laboratory construction and management, resulting in greatly improvement of teaching level and personnel training quality. Up to date, it has been awarded many prizes including Teaching Achievement Award in Jiangsu Province, Teaching Reform Project of Jiangsu Province, Excellent Teaching Materials in University of Jiangsu Province, “Honor Teaching” Award in Jiangnan University and 2ndand 3thprizes in teaching competition of young teachers in Jiangnan University.

Applied Chemistry aims to improve comprehensive quality of undergraduates as well as theoretical teaching and experimental skills training. It devotes to train undergraduates in innovation ability and scientific research skills, encourages students to contact chemical forefront, inspires students’ scientific research interest and brings into play students’ subjective initiative. Up to now, over 50% of undergraduates undertake a lot of National-, Provincial- and School-level Training Programs of Innovation for Undergraduates. The undergraduates of Applied Chemistry have been awarded 2ndand 3thprizes of "Challenge Cup" National Science and Technology College of extra-curricular academic competition works.

Applied Chemistry also focuses on scientific research and innovation. It undertakes more than 50 scientific research programs including National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Key Technology R&D Program, Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province and enterprise cooperation projects, depending on several platforms possessed by our school such as International Joint Research Centre and Key Laboratory of Ministry of Science and Technology. At present, approximate 300 papers have been published, with more than 200 SCI-covered papers.

Applied Chemistry has strengthened the international exchanges and cooperation and accelerate the internationalized process for enhancing the students’ international field of vision. Relying on the resources of Jiangnan University and School of Chemical and Material Engineering, Applied Chemistry has extensive and close academic cooperation with many oversea universities and institutes, including universities and institutes from the United States, France, Germany, England, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, etc. In recent 5 years, more than 10 undergraduates have studied in oversea universities supported by student exchange program, such as University of California, Davis, University of Tennessee, University of Hull; dozens of undergraduates have studied in or visited universities of Hong Kong and Taiwan supported by Summer and winter vacation travel plans. In addition, it has become a routine work that teachers go abroad to study in universities and attend academic conferences.

Now Applied Chemistry has about 360 undergraduates. It recruits about 90 undergraduates every year and almost 30% of the graduates can continue education for a master’s degree or a doctor’s degree. Over the past decades, Applied Chemistry has turned out over 5000 graduates, many of whom have become members of the technical elite and important leaders in industry of daily-use chemicals.

2. Academic Objectives

Applied Chemistry aims to cultivate innovative talents that could systematically master the basic knowledge of chemistry, basic theory and experimental skills, with characteristic and professional knowledge of colloid and interface chemistry, cosmetics, perfume. The students can have the ability to solve the relevant problems of colloid and interface chemistry in the high-technology fields and the important industrial sectors of daily-use chemicals, biotechnology, materials, energy and resources, information. In addition, the students are qualified for the work of research and development, teaching, development of new products, new technology and new process, application, production and quality management in the fields of surfactants, cosmetics, personnel and civil washing care products and perfumes as well as the administrative management and quality supervision of government.

3. Academic Requirements

Applied Chemistry requires students to possess good scientific, cultural quality and a high degree of social responsibility. The students are requested to systematically master the basic knowledge of chemistry, basic theory and experimental skills, have creative and practical skills. The students are qualified for the work of education, scientific research and technical development in the industry of daily-use chemicals and the fields of colloid and interface chemistry, materials and biotechnology.

4. Basic Information

Discipline: Science

Major code: 070302

Degree: Bachelor's Degree of Science

Length of Schooling: 4 years

Total credits: 165

5. Main Discipline and Core Courses

Main discipline: Chemistry

Core Courses: Organic synthesis, Instrumental Analysis, Structural Chemistry, Colloid and Interface Chemistry, Cosmetics, Perfume Chemistry, Natural Ingredients Chemistry, Nanoscience and technology

6. Advantages and Features

Applied Chemistry forms advantages and features in colloid and interface chemistry, surfactant and cosmetics and focuses on training of basic theory, basic skills and special professional abilities. It lays a solid foundation for making the students become the high quality elite and scientific and technical talents in the industry of daily-use chemicals and the fields of colloid and interface chemistry, materials and biotechnology. In addition, the major is also expanding into other hot research fields, such as industrial catalysis, electrochemical and chemical analysis.

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