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The major of Chemical Engineering and Technology is one of the earliest established majors in Jiangnan University. Its predecessor is the major of Grease established in 1958, which is then renamed as Daily Chemical Engineering, Light Industry Organic Synthesis, and Fine Chemical Engineering, successively. The major “Fine Chemical Engineering” was among the national first group to be qualified to grant the Master’s Degree in 1981, and it was authorized to be key discipline of the National Ministry of Light Industry. In 1997, “Fine Chemical Engineering” was renamed as “Chemical Engineering and Technology” according to requirement of the Ministry of Education. “Chemical Engineering and Technology” was authorized to becharacteristic major of Jiangsu Province in 2005, National characteristic major in 2009, first-level doctoral discipline in 2010, first-level post-doctoral research center in 2011, key major of Jiangsu Province in 2012, and Excellence Engineers Education Program in 2013. During the long-term development, this major has cultivated lots of engineering specialists for chemical industry, especially for the fine chemical industry such as surfactant industry, synthetic detergent industry, and cosmetic industry.

The major has 32 faculty members, including 8 professors and 18 associate professors. Among them, there are 1 “One Hundred Outstanding Scientists Program” winner of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1 “New Century Excellent Talent Program” winner of the Ministry of Education,1 Key Teacher of the Ministry of Education, 1 “333 High-Level Talent” of Jiangsu province, 2 Young Academic Leaders of Jiangsu province, 3 Key Teachers of Jiangsu province, and 2 “Six Top Talents Program” winners of Jiangsu province. It has an experimental teaching demonstration center for chemistry and chemical engineering of Jiangsu province, a laboratory of Chemical Engineering and Technology, an engineering practice base, and a computer-assisted design room.

The students majoring in Chemical Engineering and Technology are full-time cultivated. The teaching place is in the campus of Jiangnan University. The student enrollment is about 90 each year and currently there are 377 registered undergraduate students.

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