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Associate Professor

Huixian Wei

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Associate Professor

Office: 305-1

Phone: +86 1 3382889169



After she earned his PhD in Chemical Engineering in 2008 from Jiangnan University, Huixian Wei worked as a associate professor teaching philosophy of Chemical Engineering in Jiangnan University. In 2001, she joined the Department of Chemical and Engineering, Jiangnan University, as Assistant Professor, and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2008. In 2015, she worked in California Institute of Technology as a visiting scholar for one year.


George’s research focuses on industrial waste water treatment, surface water environment remedy, refractory materials.

Teaching and Learning:

Huixian WEI has taught the following courses: Philosophy of Chemical Engineering, including fluid Mechanics, etc.


  1. Yixing City water environment improvement technology integration project & engineering application demonstration, participant, 2014-2016. Sponsored by Chinese Ministry of Housing Construction, 2014ZX07305003.

  2. CFB circulating fluidized bed boiler high temperature resistance repair technology study, Sponsored by Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Bureau, BY2014023-26.

  3. Purification and reuse of desulfurization sewage of artificial coal gas, 2014- . Sponsored by Shengxiang Coal CarbonizationLtd Company.

  4. Composition analysis of sucralose waste water and treatment method study. 2013-2015, Sponsored by Grant Drying Machine Ltd Company.

  5. Recovery of decanedioic acid from evaporation concentrate of synthesis sewage, 2013-2014, Sponsored by Grant Drying Machine Ltd Company.

  6. Synthesis and performance study of Iron Molybdate as heterogeneous Fenton-like Catalyst, 2011-2013, Sponsored by Lasin Industrial Chemical Waste Water Ltd Company.

  7. Composition analysis and purification ofglyphosatewaste water, 2012-2013, Sponsored by Lasin Industrial Chemical Waste Water Ltd Company.

  8. Abrasion resistance strength improvement of fireproofing wall of cycled fluid bed boiler and corrosion protection study of the chimney. 2011-2013, Sponsored by Guoqiang Power Furnace Ltd Company.

  9. Encapsulation and controlled release of nutrients through micro-emulsion, Participant, 2007-2010, Sponsored Chinese 863 Scientific Plan.

  10. Preparation and performance of multiple emulsions encapsulatingcardiovascular drugs, Participant, 2003-2005, Sponsored by Wuxi Scientific Plan.

Key Publications:

  1. Huixian Wei, Shangwei Chen, Shuang Zhang, Xinfang Hao, Qiang Zhang,Composition Analysis of Sucralose Wastewater,BIT's 4th International Congress of Environment 2014, conference Abstract Book.Sep.21-24,2014,Qingdao, China

  2. Huixian Wei, Qiang Zhang, Zhenggang Cui, A Study on Release Mechanism of Insulin from W/O/W Multiple Emulsions in Different Mediums, the 246th ACS national conference, Sep.21-24, 2013, Indianapolis, US.

  3. Liwei An, Huixian Wei, Application of Iron Molybdate Catalyst to the Phthalic Acid Wastewater Treatment [J] , Guangzhou Chemical Engineering, 2014,41(6): 6-7.

  4. Huixian Wei, Qiang Zhang, Yanxia Shen, Energy Economy Analysis of Multiple Effect Evaporator Systems with Condensate Flashing [J], Food and Machine, 2013,157(5):101-106.

  5. Huiliang Jiang, Jianzhong Jiang, Huixian Wei, Cai Chun, Heterogeneous Cyanation Reaction of Aryl Halides Catalyzed by a Reusable Palladium Schiff Base Complex in Water [J], Catalysis Letters. 2013, 143(11): 1195-1199.

  6. Feng Wang, Liu Pei, Nie Tingting, Huixian Wei, Zhenggang Cui, Characterization of a Polyamine Microsphere and Its Adsorption for Protein[J], International Journal of Molecular Science. 2013, 14, 17-29.

  7. Huixian Wei, Fang Zhong, Jianguo Ma, Formula Optimization of Emulsifiers for Preparation of Multiple Emulsions Based on Artificial Neural Networks, Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, 2008, 29 (3): 319-326.

  8. Huixian Wei, Fang Zhong, Jianguo Ma,Influences of Emulsifying Parameters on the Stability and Drug Encapsulation Efficiency of W/O/W Multiple Emulsions, Journal of Chemical Engineering of Chinese Universities, 2008,22(4):659-665.

  9. Huixian Wei, Fang Zhong, Jianguo Ma, Determination of sugar/acid ratio using organoleptic evaluation Method, Food and Machine, 2008, 126(4):101-104.

  10. Huixian Wei, Fang Zhong, Jianguo Ma, Influences of volume ratios on stability of W/O/W multiple emulsions, Food and Machine, 2007(6): 18-23.

  11. Huixian Wei, Fang Zhong, Jianguo Ma, Influences of Nature and Concentration of Lipophilic Emulsifier on Stability of W/O/W Multiple Emulsions, Journal of Food Science and Biotechnology, 2007,26(4):16-21.

  12. Huixian Wei, Pinpin Hua,Study of Hydrogenization of soybean oil. Journal of Food and Oil,1999, 45: 13-16.

  13. Huixian Wei, Jin Gu, Reasonal Application of multimedia method in engineering class, Journal of Guangxi Teacher College, 2006, (1): 68-69.

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