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Associate Professor

Meiling Chen

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Associate Professor

Office: A503

Phone: +510 85917090

Email: mling-chen@163.com


After she earned her M.Sc. inPractical chemistryin 1999 from North University of China , Chen worked as a teacher in the School of Chemical and Material Engineering of the Jiangnan University so far. She earned her PhD inPractical chemistryin 2010 from Jiangnan University. She was promoted to Associate Professor in 2010.


Chen’s research focuses on Colloid and interface chemistry; novelbiologicmaterials, green surfactant, food Additives. Her current research projects include curdlan-based materials asCosmetic Raw Materials,antioxygenationand hydrogelas drug. While new materials have been of the main research activity.

Teaching and Learning:

Chen has taught the following courses:

~ Teaching Principle of Food and Chemical Engineering forthe undergraduates of school of food science and technology (1999~2010)

~ Teaching Principle of Chemical Engineering for the under graduates of school of chemical and materials engineering (2010~present)


Sep. 1987~ July 1991 North University of China, B.S.

Sep. 1996~June 1999 North University of China, M.S.

Sep. 2005 ~ June 2010 Jiangnan University, Ph.D

Major: Applied Chemistry

Minor: Colloid and Interface Science

July 2013 ~ Aug. 2013 Shanghai International Studies University


1. The Fundamental Research Funds for the CentralUniversities (Charge): Simulation and experimental study of controlled self-assembly of random copolymer;

2. National Natural Science Fund (Participate): Research of mixed surfactant synergistic effect based on two-dimensional lattice model;

3.Technological developmentantibacterial activity of quaternized curdlan;

4.Technological developmentof antibacterial cleaning products;

5.Technological developmentof antibacterial cleaning products;

6.Technological developmentof antioxidant Agents of polyphenol oxidase.

Key Publications:

1. Chen meiling,liang pingping. Synthesis and antibacterial activity of quaternized curdlan. Polymer Bulletin. 2017,74(10),4251-4266.

2. Liang Ping-ping,Shi Bai-ming,Chen Mei-ling. Preparation and Properties of Quaternized Curdlan Antimicrobial Film. FINE CHEMICALS. 2017,34(5),532-537.

3.Chen MeiLing, Chen ShanShan, Wang LiXiang, etc.The Influence of the Nature of Common Solvent on Self-Assembly Behavior and Properties of the Amphiphilic Random Copolymer P(St-co-DM). Acta Phys. -Chim. Sin. 2013, 29(2): 335-340.

4.Chen MeiLing, Wang LiXiang, Chen ShanShan, etc. Surface Hydrophilicity of Spherical Micelle from Self-assembly of Random Copolymer: A Dissipative Particle Dynamics Simulation. Acta Phys. -Chim. Sin. 2013, 29(6): 1201-1208.

5.Chen MeiLing, Chen ShanShan, Wang LiXiang,etc.Study on Salt-based Colloid Palladium of Low Mass Concentration for the PCB Electroless Plating. Fine Chemicals, 2011, 28(3): 237-241

6.Chen MeiLing, Wang ZhengWu. QSPR for HLB Values of Nonionic Surfactant Using Two Simple Descriptors. J Dispersion Science Technology, 2009, 30(10): 1481-1485

7.Chen MeiLing, Tao FuMing, Wang ZhengWu, etc.Investigation of adsorption of surfactant at the air-water interface with quantum chemistry method. Chinese Science in Bullet, 2007, 52(11): 1451-1455.

8.Chen MeiLing, Tao FuMing, Wang ZhengWu, etc.Prediction on Hydrophile-Lipophile Balance Values of Anionic Surfactants with QSPR Method. Acta Chimica Sinica. 2007, 13(65):1265-1272

9.Chen MeiLing, Tu GuoYun, Liu LiHua.VC + + using excel drawing chart in the application of chemical engineering principle experiment.Computers and Applied Chemistry.2005, 22(3): 224 - 226.

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